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Our Process

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Call us anytime at 1800-SELL 247 or submit your info online and one of our experts will reach out to you.

Get a Fair,

 CaSh offer in 24 hours

Fair, all-cash offers on your home are always given within 24 hours of the initial home viewing. No matter what the degree of complexity, Spurlock Homes is eager to help anyone struggling with real estate hardship.

Close The deal Quickly

Our Realtors utilize their years of industry expertise to ensure that your property sale closes as fast possible. Often times in 9 days or less! 

Get Paid Cash!

Once the deal closes, the money goes straight into your account so you can reclaim your financail freedom and celebrate!

Spurlock Homes is a privately held real-estate company owned and operated by women who, over the years, are now regarded by the Denver Real Estate industry as respected experts in their field.


At Spurlock Homes we are dedicated to providing clients with home selling solutions backed by honesty, commitment, and empathy; the breadth and quality of which are unmatched in the industry today. Spurlock Homes has a fiduciary responsibility to their clients and as such, they always exceed client expectation by providing best-in-class service and putting their clients’ needs first.


Company owner Trish Spurlock is a licensed REALTORS and abides by the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) Code of Conduct in all their business handlings. Although she operates under the NAR Code of Ethics, she feels strongly that a business must run on honesty and integrity. That is why she adopted her own Code of Ethics that govern the way we do business in a sound and honorable manner. Rest assured that along with Spurlock Homes comes the respect and integrity that gave our owner the prestigious distinction that the Denver real estate industry recognizes her as having today.

Because our owner is a REALTOR, clients are guaranteed full transparency from beginning to end by staying well-informed about the nature of their real estate transaction. Unlike other non-licensed investors in the industry, Spurlock Homes adds an additional layer of protection and care to their clients for fair business dealing; another distinguishing factor that sets the company apart from the rest. 


Our goal at Spurlock Homes is to provide distressed homeowners with WIN-WIN solutions. Buy My House Colorado strives to help every homeowner by providing solutions to any of the below situations:

-  Probate

-  Sales/death

-  Divorce

-  Loss of job

-  Illness

-  No money for repairs

-  Removal of any unwanted personal items; take what you want – we will remove the rest!

-   Landlords and tenants

-  Short sales; industry expertise allows Buy My House Colorado to work effectively with your lender if you find yourself upside down in equity!

-  Inherited homes/Estates

-  Liens

-  Mortgage repayment

-  And more!

Fair, all-cash offers on your home are always given within 24 hours of the initial home viewing and a 7-day close (or less!) can always be arranged. No matter what degree of complexity, Spurlock Homes is eager to help anyone struggling with real estate hardship.


Spurlock Homes we understand that selling a home can be just as hard as solving the problem behind it. That is why the company puts their clients in charge by having each client pick their closing date. The condition of the house does not matter for Spurlock Homes. Whether the house is occupied with tenants, needs structural repair, or requires extensive maintenance or cleaning, Spurlock Homes will buy your house irrespective of the damages or necessary repairs.

Spurlock Homes takes the anxiety out of home selling. Whether you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience with a real estate agent in the past or you want a fast, quick close with an all-cash offer, Spurlock Homes revolutionizes the home selling process by making it easier and cheaper for YOU. Here’s how:

-  You do not need to spend countless hours and money on property repairs or cleaning

-  No wasted time on finding an agent you trust and can deliver on their promise of selling your house quickly

-  No signing a contract that legally binds you to your real estate agent

-  No commissions or hidden fees

-  No lengthy paperwork or complex negotiations

-  No waiting for buyer financing because Buy My House Colorado pays all-cash, all the time

-  No hassle with putting your listing on the MLS

No matter what condition your house is in or what time frame you are working within, Spurlock Homes will buy your house so you can start thinking about the things that really matter — your future.

There is a common miscommunication between investors and home sellers today that Spurlock Homes corrects. With traditional investors, there is little transparency between what happens to a homeowners house once an all-cash offer is made and accepted. Spurlock Homes feels it is important for all home buyers to stay informed during every stage of the home buying transaction. That is why the company operates with full disclosure and without hidden agendas.  

Because Spurlock Homes is committed to upholding their fiduciary responsibly to their clients, they also assist clients with any post-home sale needs. Whether clients need help finding another house to buy, a rental home, or simply seek real estate advice, Spurlock Homes helps with every stage of the real estate process. Because the company owners are licensed REALTORS, they have unlimited resources to help clients in any way possible.


What distinguishes Spurlock Homes from others is their extensive experience within the real estate industry. Both company owners are accomplished women in real estate. They distinguish themselves from other investors in the home buying industry because they are licensed REALTOR’s with the State of Colorado. Most home buying investors are not licensed, and with that, comes inexperience naiveté of essential information in order to make smart business decisions. The owner of Spurlock Homes has substantial real estate experience that is unmatched within the industry today, giving us a superior standing among other home buying companies. When clients work with Spurlock Homes, they can expect to work with cutting-edge professionals who, from lengthy experience, have the necessary tools to remedy even the most complex of problems.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Spurlock Homes today so you can start focusing on the things in your life that matter most – your future.

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